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Special China Links Section on March 3, 2007

"When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people"…Chinese Proverb

Since the Chinese Markets were all over the news this past week I thought it would be appropriate to list over 25 of my favorite sites about China. Please note that even though I am posting the English versions of these sites…Since I figure many of you might be a little rusty on your Mandarin???…Some of these sites may take a while to load the first time since their servers are in Asia…Even if you have a broadband connection…Particularly those that are .cn.

General Stock Sites

USA China Index

Chinese Securities Journal

DJ Shanghai Index


Hong Kong Standard

China Tech News

China Daily

Channel News Asia

Quamnet News-Hong Kong

China Economic Net

Financial Times-Asia

China View

China News

Sina News

Muzi News

Yahoo China News

Asian Times-China

Interfax News

EastDay News

Chinese Government

Official People’s Republic Government Site

People’s Daily

Chinese Stock Exchanges

Shanghai Stock Exchange

Hong Kong Exchange

Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Taiwan Stock Exchange

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About China…AND MORE!!!

Everything You Want To Know About China

Let Me Give You A Very Valuable Site

The Art Of War

And Finally…After All That You Deserve A Fortune Cookie

Your Fortune Cookie

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