Trading QID/QLD

This page is actually outdated...For a more current view of how I trade please see my post on 9/7/09 on the Miscellaneous Stuff page at the bottom of the Table of Contents over to the left

On this page and the next I am offering 1 minute charts of QLD and QID. The green horizontal line is a potential buy point. Buy points are based on the CCI(20), TRIX(8,5) and The ADX(7). The first two indicators must be in an uptrend. The ADX(7) should be over 20 and rising. The +DI must be above the -DI on the ADX(7). I might suggest that odds are increased if the ADX(14) is also headed up w/ the +DI above the -DI. The other indicators give a quick overview of the direction and should preferably indicate up. I also watch the volatility indices QQV and VXN

What I cannot do is go back and recreate the overall market action at the time. This is important as I watch QQQQ, NDX, The NDX Heavyweight Components and the Market Movers. These are all factors in a buy/sell decision.

I have not indicated a sell point because various factors are involved. But I can say that the major factor in a sell for me is the ADX(7) line turning down. I also watch the TRIX(5,2) and TRIX (8,5) for an indication. By doing this one will often get whipped out.

Please remember that we are only attempting to snag a small percentage profit on each trade. But we are attempting to make money on over 80% of our trades. Also, I do not like to trade the first 20-30 minutes and the last few minutes as I have found them too "whippy".

On the next page, Trading QID/QLD Cont'd I also have an actual trade depicted on the bottom chart.