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Flags, Pennants & High Tight Flags

New lists are created each weekend and new adds are made Monday - Thursday nights

Before you take a look at the lists below you may be interested in reading a little about Flags, Pennants & High Tight Flags

What Is A Flag?

What Is A Pennant?

What Is A High Tight Flag?

More On High Tight Flags

Note that you can click any little chart
and view various larger charts

Remember that the Flags on "High & Low Tight Flags"
do not necessarily have to resemble a flag.

For High Tight Flags I require that the Flagpole High must be >= 1.90x the previous 2 Month Low.
For Low Tight Flags I require that the Flagpole Low be <= 0.55x the previous 2 Month High.

Some may be in the beginning stages of forming the pattern.
The Flag or Pennant portion of the charts can be
anywhere from 1 to 30 days

Many Flags are Pink Sheet or Bulletin Board issues.
Therefore I suggest extreme caution on some of these.

Updated After The Close 11/11/19



Charts 1

Charts 2

Updated After The Close 11/8/19



Charts 1

Charts 2