50 Day Bouncers

50 Day Bouncers

A primary support level used by many investors is the 50 Day Moving Average.
Below are stocks that have recently bounced up from or near the 50 Day MA.
Some may have briefy dipped below the moving average line.

Those meeting the criteria are grouped by various lists or indexes.
Remember that as time goes on some stocks may reverse down
and possibly move below the moving average.

Lists will be periodically updated or replaced.

The lists are presented horizontally for easy copy/paste to your streamer.
If you need the lists vertically or they will not paste to your streamer simply copy a list
and use our Handy List Converter Tool. You may also add/delete commas and spaces
using the Advanced Tool.

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Percentage of Stocks Above 50 Day Moving Average By Index


Updated After The Close 11/11/19


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NAZ 100

Updated After The Close 11/8/19


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Updated After The Close 11/7/19


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